Wednesday, February 17, 2010

LOST (6x4)--Let's Recap

Can I just say I love the Locke episodes? He's such a complex character. Particularly now that we don't really know WHAT he is. Or should I say WHO he is? I think he's great. Whoever came up with the idea for this character sure had it made. And Terry O'Quinn pulls it off so well.

*This Smoke Monster concept is incredible. His ability to draw others in is characteristic of Evil. Seeming to be innocent, appealing, drawing in. How both Ben and Sawyer have trusted him without cause.

*The Candidate Theory is going to get interesting. Sawyer must be a Candidate. Particularly how he can see through Smokie's premise of being Locke. Can only Candidates and people of power see the kids? Sawyer saw him. The rules must apply to "the game." Ben and Widmore were always talking about the rules of play. Which brings me to this thought: if Ben worked for Jacob and was good, therefore Charles must work for Smokie and be bad???

*These Candidates are running all over the place. Running into each other in LA. Destiny plays a huge role in this show. It would seem that although their flight never crashed they still "need" each other, still must find a way to "know" each other to be "saved."

*Love how the Smoke Monster doesn't believe in second chances, but here are all these passengers of the flight that got second chances. Second chances in LA, second chances on the island. Ben is getting a second chance of sorts by turning on Locke. Locke (aka Smokie) is getting a second chance at taking over the island.

*The burial scene is bizarre. Ben's speech was incredible. He comments that Locke was a man of faith. Then we flash to Locke contemplating calling Jack. And yet he doesn't have the faith that Jack can help him. It turns out that Helen has more faith. Locke is LOST. He's gone back to LA and has no faith. It's Helen who has faith, who believes in Destiny. It's her relationship with Locke that is going to "save" him in this alternate reality.

*I always believed that Locke and Ben could be friends in another world. They are too much alike. Deep. Methodical. On a mission. That's what Sawyer is becoming. On a mission.

*And now we see how the numbers are coming into play. Smokie tells Sawyer that he never had a choice after meeting Jacob. Again Destiny.

Quote of the night: "Well, I guess I'd better put some pants on."-- Sawyer

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Beth@Not a Bow in Sight said...

I totally loved this episode. The burial scene was probably my favorite of the episode because it was so awkward...and Lapidus' reaction was classic!

Bella @ Lil Daisies said...

I agree that the burial scene was in my opinion hilarious...

So, who do you think is really good? Jacob or Smokie?? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and recap. Very interesting.


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