Wednesday, February 10, 2010

LOST (6x3)--Let's Recap

Caution... spoilers ahead...

While I loved last week's episode, this one didn't have nearly as many answers. Still the character development was strong... and after all, that's what keeps me coming back. Here are just a few of my thoughts on last night's episode:

*So now we have a 3rd leader: Smokie, Jacob, and Dagon? How does Dagon's fraction fit into the plan?

*I don't like this Kate in the flash sideways...She's angry, aggressive, self-centered... maybe it's just bringing out more of the truer version of herself than is already present on the island...

*ok, maybe she redeemed herself by going back to pick up Claire... It seems as though she, Claire, and Aaron where always fated to be intertwined...

*And Ethan returns to take Claire's baby... What's so special about Aaron? He seems to WANT to go to The Island... causing them a scare when Claire says she not ready to deliver... Perhaps Ethan was sent to this "reality" to take the baby again

*Is Claire as sick in the "new reality" as they claim she is in the old one? Perhaps that's why Ethan was supposed to take her baby after all. My prediction is that's why she was brought to The Island, Kate as well. So Kate could save Aaron and Aaron could save Kate.

*I find it so ironic that Kate was always meant to be a part of this baby's life. Then again, isn't irony what this show is really all about?

*Does anyone else just feel a need to take care of Sawyer? There'd better be some kind of redeeming storyline in the future for him and Juliette. I do hope the final scene of the show finds them together again. Both realizing that her "sacrifice" worked...

*When Sayid was being tortured, they wanted to make sure he wasn't the smoke monster? Th smoke monster has claimed Christian, Claire, Locke, and is moving on to bigger and better things...

*Who are THE GOOD GUYS? No one? Are there just varying degrees of better selves?

Watching the preview:
So... Smokie wants to destroy everyone that was "touched" by Jacob... he's gotten Locke and now he's after Sawyer... How did he get to Sayid and Claire? It seems as though these LOSTIES are destined to REDEEM The Island.

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excellent observations!

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