Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Reading by Glowstick

I was thinking back to Shannon's Works For Me post from last week.  She was talking about having glow sticks on hand when other kids come to visit.  This is something that we've discovered this summer as well.  Earlier in the summer, we took a camping trip to the coast and I grabbed a couple packages from the dollar store.  The kids loved them.

A couple of days ago, we discovered another use for them.  Big Boy has developed a habit of stacking books in his bed at bedtime and looking at pictures until he falls asleep.  However, between his taking apart the flashlights in the house and Mommy forgetting a little on at the camp site this weekend, he didn't have any light to read by come Monday night.  That's when my husband remembered that there was still a package leftover from earlier in the summer.  So for the past two nights, he's happily been going to bed with a glow stick to read books.

Now I just have to make it to the store today for a new flashlight.


amy said...

That's a great idea!

One more glow stick idea? Put them in the bath tub with your kids and turn out the lights.

Laney said...

Man, glow sticks are so cool.

I wonder why we're so drawn to things that glow.

Halloween Candles

Tammy W said...

All my kiddies love, love love them. They cut off the end and then sling around the stuff all over in the dark, dark laundry room or living room on the ceiling fan. Hey i even think it's cool!

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