Friday, September 12, 2008

Attn Bargain Shoppers

Be sure to look for those off season specials.  Right now summer merchandise is clearancing out quickly.  For example:

We buy new swim suits for our little ones each year to go in their Easter baskets.  Right now Target is clearancing their swim diapers and suits for infants and toddlers.  While the swim pieces are regularly $5.99 a piece, I paid $1.74 a piece for Baby Girls suit for next summer.  While it's a bit of a gamble finding the right size for then, it's well worth a try to save that kind of money.

Be sure to also look for seasonal toys such as outdoor activities.  Check out the swim section and sporting goods, camping goods and shorts.  Now's the time to be thinking about summer birthdays or even possibly fall birthdays of this year.

See how others are saving money at Biblical Womanhood.

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