Thursday, September 18, 2008

Top Five Date Movies

Who doesn't love dinner and a movie?  Even if you're not up for a night on the town, here are a few rentals that are guaranteed to keep you AND your husband happy and ensure some cuddle time on the couch:

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#5 Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)
  When a widower and mother of 10 marries a window and father of 8, will they be able to cope with the challenges of a blended family of 20?  This light-hearted movie will keep you laughing, put your life into perspective, and make you want to say "AAAHHH" when you see the truly enduring relationship between husband and wife.

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#4 Chocolat
 When Vivianne and her daughter move into a rigidly moral French community, their are met with much skepticism.  Especially when their chocolate show starts keep Sunday hours.    Add to the fact that it's Lent, and the community is ready to run her out of town.  But her warm personality and sweet filled shop, soon win them over.  This fantastic film will draw you in and keep you going the whole way through.

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#3 Cutting Edge
  Doug is a blind sided hockey star who can't give up the dream and Kate is a talented figure skater who can't keep a partner.  Can the two over come their differences and their pasts to capture an Olympic medal?  Sparks fly in this romantic comedy about becoming a better you to accomplish the impossible. 

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#4 Return to Me
  When Bob's wife dies, her heart lives on... in Grace's body.  Determined to appreciate her second chance at life, Grace embraces ever chance... including dating.  When she meets Bob, there's an instant connection.  Little do either of them realize how deep that connection runs.  Join this romantic comedy as the two of them learn they have more in common than they thought.

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#1 My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Tula's family has given up on her ever getting married.  Until Mr. Perfect walks into the picture.  But is he good enough for her if he's not Greek?  Join this crazy comedy of family intervention as Tula finds a way to win over her parents and make it to the alter.  Light hearted and full of great performances, this is great for a first date or a romantic evening with your husband.

Honorable Mentions:
One Fine Day
No Reservations
You've Got Mail

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