Thursday, September 25, 2008

Enter Martha's World

I love Martha Stewart!  I've watched her shows for years and currently love the show on in the mornings.  From cooking, to crafting, to the gardening world, and everything in between, ... I'd love to dabble more in the things she talks about each day.  I've gotten some fantastic recipes and crafts from watching her show.

Martha is currently running a contest on her blog for other blog writers.  Bloggers can submit their blogs for review and Martha will highlight a few of her favorites.  

To submit your blog for review, check out the entry form and her tips for bloggers.  There are also links to several celebrity bloggers offering a wide range or topics.  This is a page with a wealth of information and not to be missed by any blogger, amateur or pro.  

So check it out.  Who knows?  You might just have the hook she's looking for.

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