Friday, September 12, 2008

Line Drying Clothing

So I have a question for all you creative gals out there:

How do you keep your clothing from being stiff when you line dry it?  I love the simplicity of hanging my clothes out to dry in the sun, even as our summer is coming to an end.  However, when I remove them from the line, they are often stiff and "crunchy." 

Eventually t-shirts and baby clothes soften up, but jeans are a real challenge and it makes me not want to wear them.

Any ideas?

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Extraordinary Ordinary Life said...

Yes, I put mine in the dryer for 5 minutes after I take them off of the line to soften them. Is this an option for you? It works very well for me.

Lee said...

This just might work. I hadn't thought of that. We do have a dryer. I'm just line drying for now to try and save some $.

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