Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Easter Basket Filler Ideas

*This post was originally published on 3/29/11.  Enjoy!

March is quickly coming to an end and April is nearly upon us.  It's hard to believe that spring has arrived already.  If it weren't for the calendar reminding me that the weeks are flying by, I wouldn't believe it myself.  Weren't we just celebrating Christmas?

I sat down the other day to do some planning for Easter.  And at the top of the list was Easter baskets.  I've already been picking up little things here and there.  I don't think Easter has to be overkill on gifts.  Just a little something for the thrill.  My kids' favorite items last year were the used books from the library sale.

But to get all our creative juices going, here are a few ideas for filling those Easter baskets this year:

Babies and toddlers:
Swim diapers
Bath books
Colors and coloring books
Dress up
Craft items
Towel and swimsuit
Bubble machine and bubbles

School age:
Jump Rope
Dress up
Craft items
Diving Sticks
Towel and swimsuit
Gardening tools
Craft items

Gardening tools
Scarf and earrings
Journal and pretty pen
Craft items

For all ages:
Gift certificates

What special surprises are you planning for your kids this year?

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