Thursday, March 30, 2017

April Holidays and Homeschool Ideas

Look for a few ways to add some fun to your homeschool?  Here are just a few of the holidays and fun days you can celebrate this month:

April 1st--April Fool's Day
*Fill out a fun April Fool's Mad Lib
*Create an April Fool's Bag Book
*Saturday School??? April Fools!

April 2nd--Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
*Have a classic PB and J sandwich for lunch
*Make a PB and J overnight oatmeal
*Write an information paragraph about making PB and J sandwiches
*Make PB and J cookies

April 7th--No Homework Day
*Spend the afternoon at the park
*Give the kids a homework pass on one subject
*Spend a full hands-on learning day

April 16th--Easter
*Read about Easter in other countries
*Make Easter Egg rockets
*Try some Jelly Bean science

April 22nd--Earth Day
*Plant a tree
*Volunteer to clean up a park
*Learn about different types of pollution
*Create Earth Day kits for friends

April 27th--Tell a Story Day
*Write a fun narrative
*Write a story from a different character's perspective
*Turn a favorite fairy tale into a poem

What days are you celebrating this month?

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