Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LOST (6x16)--Let's Recap

*Disclaimer--If you've not watched the episode from 5/18, discontinue reading.  Post contains spoilers.

--On the Island, Jack and Kate are alone when he is stitching her up. They both come to the conclusion that they have to kill Locke/Smokie.  Our LOSTIES decide to start looking for Desmond as Smokie wants him.

--Flash sideways to see Desmond watching Locke. Ben recognizes him and flashes back to the Island as Desmond beats him. Desmond says he's trying to get Locke to "let go", before speeding away.  Ben and Locke are discussing the incident with Desmond.  When Ben tells Locke, Locke pauses, remembering Jack's words.  Locke goes to see Jack.  He tells Jack the whole story.  We find Locke is still the "Man of Faith" as he starts to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  He concludes that Jack is supposed to fix him; he's ready to get out of his chair.

--We find Ben, Richard, and Ben wandering in the jungle looking for the barracks. They are looking for explosives to blow up the plane. Miles starts joking about the timeline and suddenly senses Alex. Richard confirms that where he buried her. Ben thanks him.  They find Widmore and his right hand girl in Ben's house. Widmore claims the Jacob invited him back to the Island.  They find out that Lock/Smokie is coming and they have to hide.  Richard tries to talk with him, but ends up dead.  Ben says he'll kill anyone that Smokie tells him to and turns on Widmore, revealing his whereabouts.

--Desmond shows up at the police station and turns himself in to Sawyer and Miles.  He ends up in a cell with Sayid, next to Kate.  And our LOSTIES continue to collide.

--Sawyer blames himself for the deaths that have occurred.  Jack said Smokie couldn't kill them so Sawyer believes he did it.  Hurley spots young Jacob in the jungle, who asks for the ashes.  Jacob runs off and Hurley discovers older Jacob in the jungle.  Jacob burned them, saying when they are gone, Hurley won't see him anymore.

--In a touching moment, Alex and her mom, Rousseau invite Ben to dinner in the sideways reality.  Rousseau tells Ben that he is the closest thing to a father that Alex has ever had.

--Locke needs something from Widmore and threatens Penny trying to get the information.  Widmore confesses that he brought Desmond back because of his resistance.  Ben kills him before he can tell Locke anything more.

--All our LOSTIES run into Jacob.  They all see and hear him out.  Jacob tells them: "sit down and I'll tell you why you were chosen, what you need to know about protecting the Island... one of you will do it."  Jacob admits that he made a mistake (killing MIB).  Sawyer asks, "Why us?"  Jacob confronts them with their "flaws," saying: you were like me,... alone,... looking,... you needed this place.  Kate's name was crossed out because she became a mom.  The job: "Protect the light."  "Protect it from him."  Jack asks: "Is it even possible to kill him?"

--Jacob says that he brought several of them back to give them a choice, something he never had.  But someone has to choose or it will end badly.  Jack volunteers, "This is why I'm here."  Jacob tells him where the light is...  Jacob "blesses" the water (turning it to wine) and tells Jack to drink it, from a cup. Sawyer comments the Jack has a "God complex."  So much Biblical symbolism in this scene.

--In the sideways reality, Sayid, Kate, and Demond are shipped out the police station.  Kate tries to get Sawyer to let her go; he knows she is innocent.  Desmond asks if they are ready to get "out of there" and asks them to trust him.  "After I set you free, I'm going to ask you to do something, promise me you'll do it."  They promise (jokingly)... the driver ( Anna Lucia) let's them go... Hurley pays her off... he recognizes her, but Desmond says, "she's not ready yet."  Kate goes with Desmond (to Daniel's concert/ at Mile's dad's/ Dr. Cho's museum), Sayid with Hurley.

--Ben and Locke go to the well.  Widmore told Locke that Desmond was a failsafe, a last resort to keep Locke/Smokie there.  So Ben asks Locke why he is looking for Desmond.  Locke is going to use Desmond to help him blow up the Island.

--Favorite line of the night:
Ben asks Richard if they want to just disable the plane or blow it to hell to which Richard replies: "blow the plane to hell" --(indication of MIB/Smokie/ Locke's true identity?),

--But honestly there were so many great quotes tonight.  You have to check out Shannon's post.

--Ok, so what happened to Miles in this whole scene?  He just disappeared...

--Is this concert one where Jack's son will be performing as well?

--If the Island ends up under water (as we saw in the premier), is Locke successful in destroying the Island? After all, doesn't Sun see Locke in the hospital and recognize him as evil? Is MIB successful in escaping?

And my next question is, what in the world am I going to do on Tuesday night from now on?  I've turned into "that crazy lady with the cat who watches LOST."  I may be in some serious therapy after Sunday night.

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the J in PJs Til Noon said...

I feel the same way. I don't know what I'll do after Lost goes away. I foresee a month-long DVD re-watch party to alleviate withdrawals.

jubilee said...

There will be a big gaping hole in my Tuesday nights too!

Were you as disappointed as I was to see Widmore taken out without any kind of real back story on him and how and why he was there? I was expecting such a huge deal with Widmore. And there was really nothing except that he was the one to bring Desmond back.

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