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LOST (6x15)--Let's Recap

*Disclaimer: if you've not watched the episode from 5/11, discontinue reading.  Post contains spoilers

--Our episode opens to a shipwrecked boat and a pregnant woman (Claudia) who washes ashore alone on the Island. Another woman comes upon her and helps her. We learn that they are both alone, both came to the Island by "accident," and the second woman delivers the baby. The baby (Jacob) comes first and then another (MIB). Jacob is wrapped in white while MIB/Smokie is wrapped in black. The midwife acts strange and when Claudia asks to see the second baby, this strange woman kills her.

--The boys grow and start playing backgammon. (Another reference to Season One where Locke told Walt that neither one was good or bad.)  Their "mother" seems to sense everything. She knows who comes and goes, what game they were playing, etc. She tells MIB that he is "special." But MIB desires to know what is beyond the Island. And his mother tells him that "dead" is something he will never have to worry about. They are alone.

--As the boys are hunting, they come across other people. The "mother" says "they are not like us... they don't belong here... we are here for a reason... it's not time yet" ... Then she says the same thing that MIB said, (in the close of Season Five) "they come, they destroy, it happens again and again..."

--She tells the boys that she made it so they can never hurt each other. This must be "the rule" that Jacob and MIB keep talking about. (reference to in the close of Season Five)  Again, why Smokie cannot hurt the Candidates?

--She takes them to a glowing orb and tells them, "this is why we are here." She tells them that it's Light. They are not to go in there, and are to keep everyone from it. She tells the boys, "there's a little bit of light in everyone. If they find it, they will want more... and if they get more, they will eventually destroy it." One of the boys will have to protect it after she's done.

--Boys are playing backgammon again... MIB tells Jacob that one day he can make up his own game with his own rules... MIB sees Claudia, but Jacob cannot. This is interesting.  It seems to connect with the fact that MIB is "special."  Claudia tells MIB that she will show him where he came from, across the Island. He comes upon a village; it's the people from his mother's original boat. Claudia tells him it's how we came from across the sea. Claudia tells him the truth of where he came from.

--MIB tells Jacob the truth. Jacob starts to fight MIB till their "mother" pulls him off. MIB confronts her, but Jacob chooses to stay. Their "mother" tells him that he will never be able to leave the Island.  How has she made this possible?

--"Mother" says she killed Claudia to keep her from taking the boys back, so they wouldn't become bad. Jacob says she loves MIB more, but she says she loves them differently. Jacob agrees to stay with her.

--The boys keep in touch as the grow up. MIB find the villagers to be "bad:" greedy, selfish, etc. He says they are a means to an end: he's determined to leave the Island. They found the electromagnetic fields and something in one of them. MIB asks Jacob to come and Jacob doesn't want to leave.

--MIB says he couldn't find the Light and that is why he started digging. He's resentful that "Mother" wouldn't share more of it with him. So he shared it with his people. They found it. MIB is going to attach the wheel to a system that channels the Water and the Light. "Mother" knocks him out.

--"Mother" goes to Jacob and tells him "It's time." She says she said good-bye to MIB because she had no choice; Jacob must protect the Light. It's the source/heart of the Island. He must never go down there.  "It's worse than death."  By drinking the liquid, he promises to protect the Island until he find a replacement. Jacob says that she wanted it to be MIB, but she says she realizes now that it was always meant to be him. He doesn't want to, but finally gives in. She says, "Now, you and I are the same."  Kind of makes you wonder just how crazy Jacob is, huh?

--MIB wakes to find "The Well" is caved in, his village is burned down, everyone is dead. He returns to their camp and kills his mother. Before she dies, he asks why she wouldn't let him leave. She says because she loves him, then thanks him for killing her. It would seem that she too could not take her own life, just as the Candidates cannot.  Jacob comes to find that MIB killed her. MIB tries to tell Jacob about the village, but instead Jacob takes him to the Light and throws him in. MIB becomes Smokie and Jacob instantly regrets what he's done.  Again, I'm seriously questioning Jacob's sanity.  Could we have an Oedipus Rex complex on our hands?

--MIB's body is further down stream, Jacob finds him and buries him in the "Adam and Eve cave" with Mother. This is where Jack and Kate found the black and white stone in Season One. It's where Jacob lays the stones now. MIB buried in black, "Mother" buried in white.

--So who is good and who is bad?  Jacob trying to escape his fate as protector the Island and kills his brother in his rage?  Or MIB

--While I certainly don't agree with everything Jacob's done, it would seem as though the world is better off with Smokie/ MIB be trapped on the Island.  A victim of consequence, but crazy nonetheless.

--As Jacob would appear to be replaced by Jack, will someone replace MIB?  Hurley is the only other one who has spoken with dead people on the Island.  Desmond is the only one who calls anyone "Brother," the only name given to MIB in this episode.  Then again, maybe Desmond will replace Jacob as the protector, as indicated by his ability to withstand electromagnetism.  With only two episodes left, a mere three hours, I can only wonder how it will all turn out.

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