Tuesday, October 15, 2013

31 Days of Books: The Snowy Day

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Keats' The Snowy Day is a children's classic.  We've read it more than once in our home and I fall in love with it every time.  This little boy wakes to a winter wonderland and walks through his day with all the wonder and excitement that winter holds.  He tries to hold onto a bit of winter by placing a snowball in his pocket.  Little does he realize that snow won't last.  But tomorrow comes and he wakes to the wonder of experiencing it all again.

Since we aren't getting any of the real stuff, the kids and I decided to make our own snowflakes.  And these snowballs, we can actually keep.  :-)

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We broke out the construction paper and started creating snowflakes with Q-tips.  These were fun and so easy to make.  We used three Q-tips for each snowflake, criss-crossing into a star shape.  You can cut them or just overlap.  Make your own design to create a winter wonderland.

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I love hanging these in our window to remind us what a magical season we're living in.  Hope they inspire you to create your own winter escape.

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