Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Books: Franklin's Valentines

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Valentine's Day is a favorite around here.  I love how it's a holiday not so focused on gifts, but on showing love to others.  Sure if we spend too much time in the stores, we're tempted to go a little crazy shopping, but really it's just about showing other people how much we care about them.

In Franklin's Valentines, Franklin becomes upset when his valentines go missing on the day of the school party.  Later he learns that they feel in a puddle on the way to school and were all destroyed.  While thinking it over, he decides to make new ones just to show his friends how much he loves them.

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The kids and I wanted to show others how much we loved them too.  While all of our family lives 3-6 hours from us, it wasn't very feasible for us to show up at their house and offer to help out.  But one of the easiest ways for a child to show love is with a hug.  So we sent hugs to our family.


We traced each child's hand prints and cut them out.  Then we cut a length of ribbon that would easily reach around the recipient's body.  We stapled each hand to an end of the ribbon and... Viola!  An instant hug.  Now Grandma can wrap herself in a hug from the grand kids whenever she wants.

This was a fun craft to create and I'm actually wishing I would have received on as well.  Hope this inspires you!

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