Monday, September 14, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday...

Every once in awhile, the littlest things get neglected. And then those little things become big things. Like cleaning out the car.

If you're like me, you probably feel like you practically live out of your car. As much as I try to cut back, do less, and stay home more, there always seems to be something demanding my attention. And I do have the best of intentions when it comes to "take in what you took out," but that rarely ever happens. By last week, my CRV was in bad shape and crying out for some attention. Here's what I found:

*a bag of clothes for the kids from Miss Ellie
*2 empty water bottles
*1 empty Coke bottle (hubby's addiction)
*multiple plastic cup lids like you'd get at a coffee place (lord knows where the cups went)
*2 1/2 pairs of Baby Girl's shoes (where's the other shoe? the walmart parking lot?)
*my water bottle
*Big Boy's Lightning McQueen water bottle (no, it's not mine, I swear)
*2 toy cars
*3 board books
*1 pair of Baby Girl's socks (1 pair of socks to 2 1/2 pairs of shoes???)
*notes for retreat planning
*bulletin boarder for the church
*Martha Stewart magazine
*North State Parent magazine
*Parent magazine (Hi, I'm Lee and I'm a magazine addict)
*Our tax return ??????
*Old time card
*Little Mermaid squish ball
*Dentist bill, estimate for next visit, and reminder card (yes, I want to be reminded that my son's teeth are costing me an arm and a leg)
*a stapler
*Old electric bill
*homeschooling notes
*preschool papers
*2 receipts
*an acorn squash????
*multiple hair ties
*2 spoons (huh?)
and finally,...
*material samples for matching binding

Isn't the ridiculous? There's some stuff there that makes me laugh. And that doesn't count the blanket that we borrowed from a friend in July while we were camping and haven't returned, the umbrella stroller that's taken up permanent residence in the car, and the coolant that I still carry just in case I should discover that my engine wants to blow up. Anyone else feel like they live in their car?

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