Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frugal Friday: Part Two

Guess I have a lot more to say today than usual. Two Frugal Fridays: that doesn't happen very often. Hope you enjoy!

Here's September's Cheapest Fruits and Vegetables:


I must confess that when I saw this list, I was disappointed. I miss seeing plums, peaches, nectarines, avocados, all the yummy stuff. But I'm trying to be optimistic...

So here's what I'm seeing in this list:

Pasta with Eggplant-- We made this last week and I even got the kids to eat it.
Tomato Basil Chicken Salad-- Had this again tonight and it's so fresh.
Vegetarian Lasagna--Made this last week as well and the kids still ate it. And my husband and I loved it.
Spinach salad with candied walnuts and strawberries (ok cranberries)
Layered Lettuce Salad
Persimmon Cookies

I'd love to hear any other ideas. I'm a bit stumbled this month and could use some help from all of you. What do you think?

For more Frugal Friday ideas, check out Life as Mom.

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The Prudent Homemaker said...

That's an interesting list. My pomegranates won't be ripe for another month or two, and it's too hot for me to plant lettuce and spinach yet.

You can add pomegranates to salads, and spinach to quiche. I use pomegrantes in desserts as well and I am looking forward to doing it again!

You can make persimmon pudding:

$5 Dinners just had a great looking panini with eggplant.

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