Thursday, September 10, 2009

Frugal Friday

Quick and easy tip today:

I rarely ever run my dryer since the summers are so hot and long here. But when I do, I never use a whole dryer sheet. Just tear it in two and it works just as well. Double the value of your dryer sheets in no time.

Along the same lines, I also never use a whole SOS pad. I've tried eliminating them entirely in our home, but seem to have a few favorite dishes that demand a little extra scrubbing. I found that when I used a whole pad, it often got yucky and germy before it was used up. Thus I was throwing away money. So I started cutting them in half. This also works great for sharpening my scissors. Just rinse them off and dry them afterwards.

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Melissa said...

Good tips! I tear up the dryer sheets, too.

I don't use SOS pads much at all. I've been using a nylon mesh scrubber with Bon Ami powder; that seems to work on everything. I put the mesh scrubber on the top rack of the dishwasher, so it stays clean between uses.

Jodi Davis said...

I get my dryer sheets from Shaklee and I can easily cut them in 1/4. It's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

~Sara said...

Great tips. When I use the dryer we also cut ours in 1/2 or even thirds.

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