Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teaching Tuesday

Here are a few ideas to entertain you and your child today:

Letter Rubbings

3 in letters (or numbers) cut from sand paper (or other textured elements)
Paper to rub on

  1. Cut letters, shapes, numbers out of textured paper.
  2. Put the shapes under the printer paper.
  3. Let child rub over the letter and see what appears.
  4. Talk about letters, numbers, shapes, colors (of crayons), etc.
  5. Encourage variety.  What happens when you make two triangles?  A diamond?  A star of David?  What if we only rub part of a rectangle?  There's a square?  Where is the first letter of your child's name?  Can he/she print the whole name?
Alphabet Scrapbook

Old scrapbook or photo album
Letters A-Z cut from textured or colored paper
Magazines for cutting
Digital Camera (optional)
Crayons, markers, glitter, etc. (optional)

  1. Cut out each letter of the alphabet, from A-Z.
  2. Adhere one letter to each page. 
  3. With your child, search through magazines for items that start with each letter.  This can vary depending on your child's age.  My child is 2 years old and seeing a cat calling it "Kitty."  So we label it "Kitty" and put it under K.  
  4. Cut out pictures and adhere to the various pages.  You may want to take your time and go through letter by letter.  This can be done with an alphabet coloring sheet or lesson.  Focus on each letter for several days.
  5. Finished result is a beautiful book that you can use to explore the alphabet with your child.  And they have by-in to practicing their letters since they were able to help make the book. 

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