Monday, May 26, 2008

Stocking the Pantry--Baby Food Part 3

So we've made mangoes, carrots, avocados, and squash. Ready for the next step??? Painless, I promise.

Bananas-- Pick up a few up at the store and mash them with formula or breast milk to the consistency you desire. These are a great first food beyond baby cereal. They can be frozen in cubes as the other foods we've made. They will turn brown, but the nutrition and flavor will not be compromised.

Applesauce-- Just buy a large container of natural applesauce. No sugar added. Skip the flavors and sugar as the baby won't miss them and we don't need them.
If you want to make your own, you can search the web for a variety of homemade recipes. We made some last year and we are quickly running low as the entire family eats it.

Peas- You would think this one is hard, but I have a trick for you. Make them with split peas and you won't have to worry about the skins. Here's how you do it:
  1. Soak a bowl full of split peas overnight. Some will claim that they don't need to be soaked, but I've never had a good experience without first soaking my peas.
  2. Rinse the next morning and pour peas into crockpot. Cover with fresh water.
  3. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. DO NOT SEASON. Your baby will not miss the seasoning.
  4. Check throughout the day and make sure the peas are covered in water.
  5. When done the peas should not taste "green." If they do, they need to cook longer.
  6. Allow peas to cool and blend, adding formula or breast milk until reaching the texture and consistency you desire.
  7. Freeze in cubes for servings.

After you have tried both carrots and peas with your child, and he/she has not had an allergic reaction, you can cook them together in the crockpot, cutting down on your prep time and providing a combo meal.


Jenny said...

I think making your own baby food is wonderful! I made peas for my daughter and she absolutely loved extended family made fun of me until they saw how she loved eating them! I only tried peas, but if we were to have more children, I would certainly make other foods as well! Neat!

Anonymous said...

great job! my kids loved homemade food too!

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