Friday, May 2, 2008

Frugal Friday

Last night we were wandering around town, basically just enjoying being out of the house.  I needed to pick up pictures from Sears and the kids were in a good mood.  So we stopped by the $.99  store on our way home.  Then I realized one of my greatest frugal friday tips: phone cards. Did you know the $.99 store sells phone cards?  And they're good for 99 minutes.  That's a penny a minute.  We don't even have long distance on our home phone anymore.  We simply recharge our phone card and no surprise long distance phone bill.I haven't found another company or phone card that can beat a penny a minute.  Plus, cards can be used for international calls. The charges go up, but are still very cheap.  
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Jodi said...

I didn't know this! I've got to check our 99-cent store. We don't have long distance on our phone, either. We use our cell phone, but that can add up quickly, too.

Lee said...

I know! I love them. And you can recharge them so you're not running out and buying a new one all the time. All our family lives out of town and I don't have a cell phone so this is a lifeline between my mom and I.

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