Friday, September 19, 2008

Simple Living: Part Three

On my last post, I boiled Simple Living down to 4 things:
  1. My relationship with God
  2. My relationship with my husband
  3. My relationship with my kids
  4. Discipling others
I was shocked by how simple it could all become.  And I vowed to take the next week to focus on my relationship with God.  To live a life of Scripture, prayer, and worship.  To take every thought captive as it applied to this relationship.

Guess what?

I failed miserably.  I realized that my life doesn't revolve around the one thing that I would say it should.  I've treated my relationship with God as an add on.  Something I'll get around to at the end of the day if I have enough time and energy.  Something that's disposable.

Wow!  Not that it came as a complete shock, but it's still hard to swallow when you're confronted with such black and white truth.  How can something so simple be... not so simple?  

So I pick myself up and try again.  Isn't that what a Christian walk is all about?  Trying again?  That and discipline.  So discipline, discipline, discipline.  That's the mantra that's running through my head this week.

I'm rededicating myself to pursuing that relationship:
  • Taking time each day to spend with the Lord-- Even 5 minutes a day, spending time in the word,.. that's such a wonderful place to meet with the Lord.  And by meeting with him each day, I am a better wife, a better mother, and a better woman.
  • Praying throughout the day-- Remembering to pray as I go about my day, praying about how I handle time outs, or how I show my relationship to God in practical ways to my children
  • Living a life of worship-- Taking every thought captive till my life is a reflection of worshipping the Lord.  How do I treat others throughout the day?  Is my attitude and lifestyle conducive to worshipping the Lord?
So here we go again.  My prayer is that this week, again, my life will be redirected down a simpler path.  One that is glorifying to the Lord.  What better place to start a simple life.

To see how others are simplifying their lives, check out Passionate Homemaking.

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lindsay edmonds said...

What a good reminder! Thanks for sharing. It is indeed crucial that whatever we pursue in life, whether it is simple living or not, that it revolves first around the Lord Jesus. We cannot do it on our own strength, but as we free up our time more the most important things stand out, which you have listed so well. In His wings, you will find the ability to grow in maturity and Christ-likeness and be able to reflect it more in those other important areas - as a wife, mother, etc. Blessings upon your pursuit!

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