Monday, December 9, 2013

Homemade Vanilla Extract

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If you're doing any gift giving this year, these homemade vanilla extracts couldn't be any easier.  Or any more delicious!  While extract in the store (especially organic) can be quite expensive, these homemade treat is suprisingly affordable.  With just a few minutes time investment, you can have a holiday treat steeping away.


6 Vanilla beans
3 (8oz) jars
24 oz Vodka

You can make these in any size jar, but I was gifted with these small canning jars and they were perfect for the job.  You can also find more decorative jars/bottles at Michaels, Jo-Anns, other crafts stores, or various places online.  Cut your vanilla beans down the middle, leaving the seeds inside.  Cut them lengthwise to fit your jars/bottles.  You'll need about 4 oz of Vodka for each bean.  So I put 8 oz and two beans in each of my jars.  Put the lid on and shake.  Allow them to steep for 8 weeks in a cool dark place, shaking once a week.  

And it's that easy!

Easy, affordable, and stunning!  A perfect Christmas treat.  Enjoy!

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