Monday, February 28, 2011

Book Club: Ministry of Motherhood: Chp 13-14

Chapter 13: Persistent Miracles--A Model for Training

Clarkson walks us through the concept that Christ walked daily with his disciples and was continually teaching the same thing over and over again.  Persistent, He would teach the same lesson, hoping they would eventually get it.  And they did... just after he died (doesn't that just sound like a mother's day?).

As moms, our days are filled with teaching and reteaching, encouraging and re-encouraging, reminding, redirecting, retraining.  As soon as we think they get it, our children prove us wrong.  Or better yet, we move on to the next stage of training, a stage that we might know nothing about ourselves.  This applies to so many areas of life: physically, socially, emotionally, and most important spiritually.

*The book of Proverbs was written to teach young people how to be wise and how to have Godly character.  Determine to read from the first four chapters of Proverbs each day for one month to your children.  Ask them to make a list of the wise principles they hear as you go along.  Memorize one verse together each week and say it aloud daily.

Chapter 14: Training Children to Think

In this chapter, we're reminded that the disciples themselves had problems.  They were constantly on the move, dealing with people, and learning to lead the church.  On top of that, Christ promised that more problems would come, even praying that God wouldn't take them out of the world, but rather protect them.  There were certainly many times they wondered what they had gotten themselves into.

Clarkson recalls a time when she taught her youngest child to take every thought captive.  She reminded the girl that God is in control, and that although some things in life are scary, the Bible states that God will have the final word.  Carefully she guides her daughter in thinking through events and thoughts from a Biblical viewpoint.  Knowing when to expose our children to new realities is a fine line to walk.  But whether we life it or not, it's coming.  We can either teach them to think about their lives from a Biblical perspective, or ignore the reality of their growing up and hope for the best.  Personally, I'd rather choose the former.

*Write down what you think should be the primary goal of our instruction and training.  Then read I Timothy 1:5.  What does this verse say about the goal of our instruction?  How does your stated goal compare with the one Paul expressed to Timothy?  What changes, if any, do you need to make to your goals and daily responses in light of this comparison?

The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith--I Timothy 1:5

It's been a really bad Mommy day and the cold hard fact is that I haven't shown love to my child today.  I haven't been patient or had a "pure heart."  How have I displayed Christ today?  Not very well.

How are you liking the book?  We're nearing the end.  Do you feel it was a worthwhile read?

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Amber said...

Here from WFMW -- I haven't read this book but I really want to! I'm reading the Mission of Motherhood right now and then I want to get this one. After reading more about it here, I REALLY want to get this one next. Thanks for sharing more insight about the book!

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