Monday, March 21, 2011

Stewarding your Story: Seeing the Supernatural

Seemed like we live in the "Show Me" generation.  We're seeking for sign, miracles, and wonders.  If God can't sky write it for us in a rainbow of colors, it doesn't exist.  In a world that's become more and more skeptical, we look deeper for the supernatural.

What if were right in front of us?

What if we looked at our stories through a new pair of lenses?

Here we are in our ordinary lives with our average every day thoughts striving through our day to day battles.  Learning to love our spouses, learning to parent our children, learning to communicate with our co-workers, trying with everything in us to be better than we were the day before.

And to a degree we're successful.

We can go to counseling with our spouses, read books about our children, go to work seminars, read how-to books... there are a bizillion of them.  And keep racing from one thing to another, hoping that somehow it will all add up to ... well, we're not even entirely sure what we're striving for, but if effort can do it, we're going to be the best there is.

Till we get tired...

    Till our schedules get too full...

        Till we come to end of ourselves!

            And that's where the supernatural steps in....

That's the moment when the Creator of the Universe whispers quietly in our ear...


Are you looking still looking for that supernatural, life-changing, earth-shattering event in your story that will make it feel worthy of telling?  What about this... that moment when you came to the end of yourself and God reached down in his fullness of mercy and grace and ...


If you're still looking for the supernatural in your story, can it not be that the Lord of all things

    SEES YOU...

        KNOWS YOU...

            DESIRES YOU!

Our stories are not our own.  Rather they are part of a larger picture, illustrating the passionate desire of a God pursuing us in our own humanity.  Our stories are a voice of how the heavenly realm intervenes in our earthly lives, colliding in an all out battle to reunite humanity with its Creator.

Do you still feel you have an unworthy story to tell?  Are you still seeking the supernatural?

Change your lenses... and Speak Fearlessly!


passamike said...

great post. am so glad to be on this joureny of learning to see more supernaturaly with you and your family. whats the latest update with your husband and churchplanting? Is he still leaning that way? What are your thoughts?


Collette said...

Hi! Visiting from WLW linkup :) I enjoyed your post - you've said this well!

"Our stories are not our own..." It IS a freeing perspective to realize that our lives/stories are here to glorify Jesus & not the other way around. And something I know I need to be reminded of often :)

Have a blessed day!

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