Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Flower Headband

Have you seen those cute little flower headbands all over the internet and in the boutiques?  They come in a variety of colors and dress up an outfit with little effort.  And just a little something to make me feel feminine in my mom jeans?  Priceless!

I set out to put one together this weekend and realized just how simple they really are.  Plus with dollar store material, how can you go wrong?  Here's how to get started:

You'll need:
*flowers of your choice
*headbands ($ store sells them in packages of 3)
*coordinating felt
*coordinating ribbon (optional)
*hot glue

1. Disassemble petals on the flower and restack.  In the above photo, I took apart 3 larger flowers and 3 smaller flowers.  Hot glue layers together.

2. (Optional) You can wrap your headband in coordinating ribbon at this point.  Just add a little glue on the ends and as you go along to adhere.

3. Cut a small circle or square of coordinating felt.  Apply glue to the base of the flower and attach to headband.  Adhere felt to the back side of the flower with more glue.

Was that easy or what?  You can add more flowers and embellishments as you go.  I like the one flower look, but you can go as crazy as you want. Pull your hair into a messy bun, add your headband and your ready to go.

Now how to you feel in those mom jeans?

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