Monday, July 14, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday--Reading

I am a bookaholic. That's right. I have an addiction and I have no desire to cure it. You can read more about my addiction here or here. I have read a great amount of fantastic books this summer, including Left to Tell, A Long Way Gone, Shepherding a Child's Heart, and numerous baby and nutrition books, just to name a few.

So today I'm picking up my reserved copy of the new book club book, Simple Faith, from the library. I can't wait to jump into it. It's been on my mind a lot lately and I'm so excited.

Other than that, we're working on the basics around here: making some baby food, going to a dr's appointment, putting some stuff together for camping this weekend. I need to make a list of things for camping. With two little ones, I'm sure to forget something. And we want to do a bunch of baking this week: chocolate chip cookies, granola bars. Maybe some peanut butter balls. Yum! I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.


Mrs. Querido said... favorite pasttime besides blogging! Hope you get time to curl up with that book of your's!

~Rhen said...

I loved reading and I still do but I have little time to put towards it any more. I make time every day to read my bible but I need to set a little time aside to read some book I have waiting on me.
Great tackle!

Homesteader in Training said...

I love to read, I too wish I had more time to do it. As for the peanut butter balls, if I could eat anything and not worry about getting fat it would be those right there. I LOVE peanut butter ball.

Christine said...

I love reading, too! I am reading Shepherding a Child's Heart for the second time. I love it! Blessings!

Audra Krell said...

I love thinking about the deliciousness of the next book I'll read! Have a wonderful week and it's good to start planning now for that camping trip!

Organizing Mommy said...

You and my daughter would get along famously. She is attempting to read 2,000 pages this summer.

Casual Friday Everyday said...

Sounds like a day of tackles!

Mines up also.

Leslie said...

Reading is my passion, too! I make time for it every day. I dusted of Shepherding a Child's Heart this summer to refresh my memory. Have you read Instructing a Child's Heart. It's good, too!

My tackle-it project today is organizing my kids' books.

Lisa Knight said...

Great tackle! I have just gotten back into reading grown up books... LOL!

The Frugal Momma

Jessie said...

Reading and baking...tow super fun tackles!!

The Apron Queen said...

I love reading myself. Wish I had more time for it. Hmm, maybe if I quit blog surfing... ?? :)

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