Monday, July 28, 2008

Making your Home a Haven

It's time to remember to Make your Home a Haven.  The beginning of the week and remembering to provide a haven for your family and a place for ministering.  So here's what our family is looking at this morning.

1) Refresh your Spirit
I'm starting to read Joshua again.  It's always a great reminder to "Be strong and of good courage."  I've read this book often and find that it's a continual place of growth in my life.  I'm also hoping to dive into a chapter or two of Simple Faith.

2) Morning Routine
These are the five constants in my morning:
  1. get up and spend time with God
  2. make breakfast
  3. nurse
  4. make bed
  5. get kids and I dressed

3) Take Time to Plan
What 5 things will I focus on in my to-do list today:
  1. clean off kitchen counters
  2. call for Head Start
  3. call for dr appt
  4. return other calls
  5. type and email nursery schedule

4) What's for Dinner?
Lentil Tacos.  These don't require any more prep than picking up some toppings at the grocery store.

5) Project of the Day
My personal project of the day is to put things back in order after being at the retreat.  So unpacking suitcases, cleaning out the car, and paying bills are the order of the day. 

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