Monday, February 9, 2009

Tackle it Tuesday

I'm so excited about this week's tackle. This is a project that I've been meaning to get to for a long time. And now I'm finally doing it.

I purchased two binders: one for homeschool items, and one for household items. In the homeschool binder, I have the following sections: playtime activities, alphabet activities, and math activities. The playtime activities covers everything from extra coloring sheets to simple science activities to recipes for homemade play-doh. There's ideas for craft activities and preschool recipes. Additionally the alphabet and math sections are filled with extra worksheets as I have time to print them. At this point, they are nothing formally planned, just extra sheets that I come across and print on my own time.

The household binder covers a variety of topics including Big Boy's preschool paperwork, pamphlets from the doctor and dentist, holiday activities and gift ideas broke up by gender and age. I'm always coming across great tutorials for gifts, but have a difficult time relocating them. This way I can keep them sorted and ready.

Hopefully this will keep my random paper piles somewhat organized. In an effort to rid myself of more paper clutter, I'm also going through at least 5 magazines, tearing out what I can file and tossing the rest. I'm an unorganized, clutter-aholic, like most creative types. But it's so exciting to me to be getting organizing, even if it's in a small area of my life.

What are you tackling today?


L2L said...

oh what a good idea. I think I'll have to start a folder for those worksheets I come across that I know I would "like" to use just not now. That way you don't have to remember where you saw it at. Thanks for sharing!!!!
Oh yeah, I am tackling HOT SPOTS.

FromThe Creek said...

I am loving my binders...I am at the beginning stage as well. Great tackle!

Elisabeth said...

I love notebook/binders. They really are helpful - except I can get too many of those too. (Sigh.)


Susie said...

I am a binder addict! I love your ideas and I hope it brings the peace of mind that you are seeking:-)

Courtney said...

Great job on the binders! I would love to see pictures! I am having trouble organizing all our papers: homeschool, bible class, home, etc!! AHH!

Tanya said...

I am definitely one of those people who creates little piles all over. It steams me when someone else messes up my "system". I've found that having a folders or binders system is much better. It makes things more mobile and is so satisfying to have a single place to go to when you're looking for something. Good job!

The Steffen Family said...

Love the binder tackle today! I did a similar tackle before P was born... and created a "Control Journal" which had EVERYTHING in it (emergency phone numbers, schedules, meal plans...)

Leo's mom said...

Good for you!!! I may have to steal your binder idea! Thanks!

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