Monday, February 9, 2009

Book Review--Multiple Blessings

Most of us know the story of the Gosselin family. Within months of marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin faced the challenges of infertility. Determined to become parents, they seek out the help of a specialist and become pregnant with twins. Three years late, hoping to add a third child to their family, they once again seek out a specialist, and to their surprise, become pregnant with six. Faced with the multiple complications, the couple opts against selective reduction and continues on with the pregnancy.

Struggling through months of bed rest, hospitalization, and neonatal care, the family of ten finally comes homes, only to face more challenges and blessings than they could have ever expected. How do you get six babies to a home over a hour away with a six passanger van? How do you feed them round the clock? How do you give them all the attention they need and deserve when you feel like you're coming apart at the seams?

This family survived all this in addition to deaths of family and friends, loosing jobs, coping with preemie health issues, all the while opening their home to strangers offering the help they so desperately needed.

This is a quick read and even faithful followers of the show will gain new insight into the family. My greatest blessing while reading this book was reading about how the Lord continued to provide for them every step of the way, financially and emotionally. I was challenged by the faith of this family as they stump through parenting two sets of multiples. And I was challenged by their unwavering determination to do the best for their children and follow the Lord in whatever He calls them too.

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And for more information on this family, check out this video of Kate Gosselin sharing their testimony herself.

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