Saturday, February 21, 2009

Simple Living: Part Thirteen

Just a quick post today. It seems we are in the middle of birthday weekend and I'm tired. Just something quick to let you know that I'm thinking of you and then back to relaxing with my family.

So what did you do for Valentine's Day? Doesn't that seem so long ago already?

Anyways... we invited over ( of course) about 5 other couple over, along with their kids. Crazy, and brave of me I know. I spent most of Saturday picking up the house and weeding out a few toys that I didn't want taken out. My kitchen got a real cleaning, which it was in bad need of, and we picked up some chips and salsa.

The invitation simply stated to bring over a snack to share so we had everything from spaghetti to pie. There was so much food, in fact, that it hardly looked like we made a dent in it. The kids played in the kids' room, exploring the joys of other people's toys, and we generally let them get away with anything. All in all, they behaved very well. It couldn't have been the fact that they discovered the step stool in the kitchen and were sneaking cookies.

After munching for far too long, the adults moved into the living room and played Catch Phrase. Most of the people were from our home group, another couple from church, and my college roommate and her family. So it was a good group of people that had some familiarity with each other, but the ice was really broken by playing such a fun game together.

We had about 17 people at our house that night, 7 of which were (barely) 4 years and under. It was crazy, loud, and chaotic. But we had so much fun. Most people would shy away from having such a big group, but we don't mind the kids. My biggest fear was "What to feed them?" and "What are we going to do?" By inviting them to share with the group by bringing a snack, we didn't have to worry about dinner. And playing games kept everything friendly and fun. It was the simplest evening with the biggest crowd. Honestly, I can't wait to do it again.

How are you leaving simply? Check out Keeper of the Home to find out how others are doing it.

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Sherry said...

I need to do more of this. It would make it easier with having everyone bring something, too. :D

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