Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Favorite Toys for 0-3 Year Olds

So Shannon, at Rocks in My Dryer, challenged us to list some of our favorite toys for our kids.  I'm happy to rise to the challenge 'cause, frankly, I was drawing a blank on topics this week.  So here you have it, a list of tried and true items from our household (children 0-3 years):

With a fun song and reinforcement of the letter and sound, kids can't help but get into learning their letters.  The initial set includes all upper case letters, but lower case letters are available and the next set up focuses on 3 letter words.  This is used daily in our home.

Highly durable, we have a set that is used over and over again.  Big Boy received his for his first birthday and now over two years later, they are in perfect condition and being passed on to his sister.  The older ones are just now his speed (3 years) and with stand a lot of wear and tear.

We have a couple of sets: the school bus, the dump truck, and the fire truck.  We've also bought the airplane for a friend who loves it.  Also highly durable, these toys provide hours of imaginative play.  Big Boy also received this one around age 1 and the original batteries are still in all three pieces.  We've gotten a lot of miles out of them.

 Purchased at age 2, this gift was perfect for my train obsessed son.  The Thomas Train finds the track easily and the track can still change every time.  Again, a toy that encourages lots of imaginative play.

We have this particular design that is used almost exclusively in the car.  Although I make sure it gets in for long car rides (it was one of the toys that went to Disneyland with us), it is still fun enough to be used in the car daily.  It practically resides there.  The shapes magnetize on to the board for easy storage.  

Magnet Sets
I could find an example of this one, but we have a Lightning McQueen set.  So the tin is shaped like a book with a hinge.  All the characters are magnets and "race" around an imaginary scene.  There are also additional scenes provided to change.  Our set came with dozens of characters and keep Big Boy quite busy for large periods of time.

What baby wouldn't like these large, colorful beads to play with?  They are durable enough to withstand a young child and imaginative enough to entertain an older one.  Great for developing eye/hand coordination.

A few others to look into:
Baby Swing for Swing Set
Canvas Tunnel to Crawl In


JanMary said...

Great suggestions.

Thanks for sharing.

Heather said...

I have many of the same items on my list! We love them all! :)

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