Friday, November 14, 2008

Frugal Fun

I was thinking about Frugal Friday this morning and really feeling like I was drawing a blank. We had spent the majority of the week at my mom's and I'd too much fun to be "bothered" with thinking frugally. We were too busy doing all the "Grandma" activities that come with being at home. That's when it hit me. We'd just lived a week full of frugal fun. Here's what it looked like:

When we arrived on Sunday, it was a great day to be outside and come to find out, the electricity was out. This was a great excuse to spend the majority of our day outside and keep my 3 year old active. We walked down in Grandma's front yard to feed the birds, then up the hill to haul wood. Simple mundane tasks that you would think wouldn't entertain anyone. But Big Boy loved it. After hauling wood, we gathered the fallen apples and hauled them over to my uncle's house to feed the cow. What 3 year old doesn't love animals? And what a great teachable moment.

Coming back from my uncle's, Big Boy and I walked as he's suddenly become afraid of the tractor. But I walked reveling in the chance to get some exercise all while spending some quality time with my little one. We talked about the animals we saw and the plants growing by the side of the road. We stopped to pick up rocks and throw sticks in the creek bed. We talked about all the plans he had for visiting Grandma that week.

The electricity was off for the rest of the day and into the night. We spent our time playing with flashlights and toys that my mom has there for the kids. Time spent doing somersaults in the living room and playing with building blocks.

The rest of the week was rainy, but it was spent doing art projects with Grandma, making a "noise shaker" (what was Mommy thinking), and playing toys and flashlights. Big Boy even climbed up to the table and I let him use one of my scrapbook cuts to cut up my scraps.

Our last day was sunny again and we walked to my aunt's to visit one of Big Boy's cousins. The boys played for awhile and our walk time again was filled with meaningful conversation. We talked about the coming holidays and the items on his "wish list." And we talked about how we could bless others the holiday season as well. How there are people without anything and how Jesus would have us spent some of our time and resources to bless them.

Reflecting back on the week, I realize how little it took to have fun with the kids. Breaking out of our routine of going to the gym, scheduling play dates, and having company reminded me of how simple life is. Investing in my kids and my relationships.

To see how others are living frugally, check out Biblical Womanhood.

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