Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Teaching Tuesday--A is for Alphabet

It's all about letter recognition in our house these days.  Noah can sing his ABC's with a little prompting, but has no idea what he's saying.  So we've started working on "The Letter of the Week."  I post the letter on the refrigerator and we continually review it as we go about our day.
Our letter this week is, of course, "A."  To begin, we posted our letter on the refrigerator at Noah's level.  It's also close to his LeapFrog Fridge Phonics Toy.  As we go about our day, we identify words that start with the letter "A": Annie (our cat), apple, avocado, accident, Alaska, etc.  We identify the word and the "A" sound.
We incorporated some of these items in our daily life this week, including apples and avocados, reading the Alaska book, playing with Annie, etc.  We've also taken a trip to the library and borrowed lots of "Arthur" books by Marc Brown.  Noah loves them.  So ever couple of pages we read, we point out the "A"s on the page.
There are numerous websites where you can find coloring sheets for the letters of the alphabet.  This is one we used this week:  www.preschoolcoloringbook.com

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