Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Activity Wednesday

This activity was recently featured on A Place of Our Own.  It's a lot of fun, lasting for hours on end.  Noah and I had a great time exploring and pretending in our kitchen for the afternoon.  

Clean Mud

What your child will learn:
Tactile Awareness
Following Directions
Eye-Hand Coordination

Cheese grater
Toilet Paper
Plastic Dish
Food Coloring
Plastic Animals

1. Grate 1 bar of soap into the plastic dish.  Older children can help with this step, along with some help from you.
2. Tear up 3 rolls of toilet paper into dish with soap.  This is a great step for toddlers to learn about following directions and tactile awareness.
3. Add one quart of water and mix together with hands.

May add 1 tsp of food coloring
May play with animals, making new adventures

This is also a great language development activity.  Ask open-ended questions and have your child describe what they are doing and what the "clean mud" feels like.  Is it gooey, mushy, or soft?  What color is it?  What are they building or pretending to do?  What does it make them think of?

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