Friday, February 8, 2008

Just for Mom Friday

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him.  I Samuel 1:27

I have this scripture on a small plaque hanging in my kids' room.  It was given to me by a friend when I was pregnant with my son.  At the time, it has a different meaning for me than it does now.  But I've come to find that it has a much deeper and richer meaning now that I'm a parent.
This has been a long week.  I went back to volunteering at the YMCA after my maternity leave was up.  My son started play gym classes again.  And we've all come down with the flu.  So this mother's patience has been in short supply.  I didn't realize how short till yesterday afternoon.
Despite the flu and colds moving through our house, I was attempting to go through baby clothes and set some aside for a friend.  The baby was laying on the floor under her gym, and my son was playing in the toy box.  The phone rang and picked it up.  While talking with a friend, my son decided to LAY on his 7 week old sister.  Knowing that he was simply trying to play with her, I removed him and gently reminded him that she isn't as tough as he is.  However, his rough housing continued till I got off the phone and put him in time out.  Once there, the battle didn't stop, as he tried to walk away from time out several times and the baby suddenly wanted to eat.
In the midst of this toddler struggle while nursing, I glanced at the wall and saw this scripture.  "I prayed for this child..."  In the heat of the moment, I read it sarcasitcally.  Yeah, I prayed for this child, but I didn't pray for this behavior.  It was then that the Lord convicted me.
 This was the child that I prayed for.  This was the child that the Lord had granted me.  And he gently, but firmly reminded me that he would never give me more than I could handle.  So this was it.  He also reminded me of all the good things that have come from being a mom to this fiesty two year old: a gentler tongue, more consideration for other people, doors that have opened to share my life and faith with complete strangers, not to mention the joy, excitement, and unexpected surprises that my son brings to our family.
Nothing was left for me to do but plow through the power struggle, give my son a hug afterwards, and tell the Lord, once again, that I will trust him.  This is the child I prayed for.  I may not see it everyday, but the Lord knew what he was doing when he blessed us with this little boy.

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