Thursday, February 14, 2008

Around the Home Thursday

Looking for an inexpensive way to celebrate Valentines Day?  How better to show your spouse that you can than to take the time to plan a romantic evening at home?  Make your relationship a priority today and every day and your family will be the better for it.  
Can't find a sitter on short notice?  Plan a family evening together and get a sitter for Saturday. Either way, make some time this week for your spouse and re-ignite some romance.

Here are some ideas to help you get started:

*do you and your significant other have a special meal?  Something you made when you first got together?  A special dish that he/she enjoys?

*create some ambiance with candles, flowers, soft music.  Create a playlist of songs from your dating, your wedding, or marriage that mean something to you as a couple.

*use your best linens, silver, and china.  Treat each other like a special occasion.

*look in each others' eyes and tell them specifically why you fell in love with them and why you continue to love them.

*invest in some body paints

*remember the food essentials: oysters, strawberries, champagne, and of course, chocolate

Other ideas:
poetry books
aromatherapy candles
champagne/sparkling cider/cocktails
bubble bath
massage oils

Romantic movies:
Pretty Woman
Return to Me
Sleepless in Seattle
Roman Holiday
An Affair to Remember
The Shop Around the Corner
You've Got Mail
Beauty and the Beast
The King and I
Sense and Sensibility
Bridges of Madison County
Dirty Dancing
Pillow Talk
Message in a Bottle
The Cutting Edge
A Walk to Remember
A Walk in the Clouds
Notting Hill
Never Been Kissed
Bed of Roses
Fools rush In
Forever Young
The Wedding Singer
While you were sleeping
The Lake House
At First Sight
As Good as It Gets
Hope Floats
Sweet November
One Fine Day
Where the Heart Is
Family Man

Feel free to comment and tell us your creative and romantic ideas for Valentines!

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