Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Activity Wednesday

Happy Valentines Day!  
Well, almost.  Here's a fun craft to do with your little one this week.

Stained Glass Hearts

2 sheets of waxed paper for every heart
pencil sharpener
heart shape to trace

spread out newspaper to protect craft area and make clean up easier.  Trace heart shape on wax paper and cut out.  Have child to sharpen crayon in sharpener, allowing shavings to fall on hearts.  You may do this ahead of time and have child scatter colors on the heart.  When finished, stack the hearts, matching up the edges.  Set the iron on low heat and press the hearts together for 5 sec intervals.  Repeat until all crayon shavings are melted and the hearts are secured together.  Tape to window or hole punch and hang with string. 

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