Monday, February 27, 2017

March Holidays and Homeschool Ideas

Looking for ways to add some fun to your homeschool?  Here are just a few of the holidays and fun days you can celebrate this month:

March 1st-- Peanut Lover's Day
*Treat yourself to some Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Cheesecake Pops
*Serve up some African Chicken and Peanut Soup
*Make a craftivity project to celebrate George Washington Carver

March 2nd--Dr. Suess' Birthday
*Try some Red Fish, Blue Fish Sensory Science
*Make an opposite foot trail
*Use Dr. Suess in your literary analysis

March 6th--Oreo Cookie Day
*"Bake" some Oreo Truffles

March 12th--Plant a Flower Day
*Learn the parts of a flower
*Purchase some flowers to plant in the garden

March 17th--St. Patrick's Day
*Make corned beef and cabbage salad
*Bake a shamrock shaped pizza

March 21st--Poetry Day
*Memorize a new poem
*Start a poetry teatime
*Write an "I Am" poem

March 30th--Take A Walk In The Park Day
*Explore a new park
*Hike in your local state park

What days are you celebrating this month?

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