Monday, November 30, 2015

Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Moms

This one's for the dads out there.  Or the grown kids.  Or the dear friend.  Or maybe the mother who's buying a Christmas gift for her grown daughter.  Whatever the case, this one's for all of you who have a mom on your Christmas list this year.  You know the one... that mom who's always looking out for every one else, but doesn't realize how much she really does.... that mom who's always willing to pick up car pool if you wake up with the sniffles... or that mom who's often organizing fundraisers for the school... 

So if you have a mom like that on your Christmas list and you'd like to purchase her a little something this year, how are my Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Moms:

1. Fancy Pens and Notepads
  I'm a list girl.  There's constantly 1000 things I need to get done or take notes about.  So it's so much fun to be able to pull out a brightly colored notepad and fill it with fun doodles and ideas.  And if it's pretty, I'm more likely to look at it again and cross things off.

2. Cute Journal
  Along those lines, a cute journal is a must.  Being able to put my thoughts down in a journal is so therapeutic, and if it involves a cute journal, all the better.  There's nothing like feeling the glide of a pen on paper and these are adorable.  From bright to sophisticated, you're sure to find a  journal to fit any taste.

3. Fun Scarfs
  No, not the chunky, heavy ones.  A cute one.  A fun one.  One that makes her look good in yoga pants and a white t-shirt.  That one!

And what about a scarf organizer to keep track of them all?

4. Lace Tops
  I didn't think I was a lace top gal, but then I saw these on Jane a few days ago, and absolutely fell in love.  The black and white especially.  They would be so easy to dress up or down and still feel like you're ready for the day.  Pretty, pretty!

5. A Good Book
  Not that mom has a lot of time to read, but ... you know.  :-)  And since Creative2xmom posts a link up every month, there are so many good books out there to check out.  Whether she's raising littles, teens, or enjoying a good fiction novel, any mom would appreciate something good to read.

Alex and Ani

Lisa Leonard

6. Jewelry
  Personalized jewelry is so special... especially to a mom's heart.  And these are two of my favorite personalized jewelry companies.  Alex and Ani has beautiful bracelets to show off all your favorites and Lisa Leonard has necklaces, bracelets, and rings to personalize with children's names and birthdates.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser
  I love my essential oils and having a diffuser in the house is a great way to uplight spirits, maintain focus, and ward off germs... for the whole family.  There are a wide variety out there of colors and styles to fit any taste.  Pair with some OnGuard or Holiday Joy oils for an extra special gift.

Willow Tree Nativity Set

Jim Shore Heartwood Creek Angel
w/ Nativity Scene

8. Beautiful Nativity Sets
  Somewhere along the lines, I started looking at Nativity Sets and there are some really beautiful ones out there.  From a simple nativity ornament to elaborate sets, there are so many choices.  I've even found glass sets at the Dollar Tree.  These are just a few of my favorites.

9. FitBit
  For the active mom on your list, check out the Fit Bit.  She can track her sleep patterns, works, calories burned, and updates wirelessly to a computer.  This is a great idea for a mom on the run.  Or for a lesser budget, a workout tank, light weights or bike accessory.

10. Classic Christmas Movies
  After a long day of baking, decorating, and shopping, a classic movie with a cup of cocoa is just what any mom needs.  You can't go wrong with White Christmas, but if that's not your cup of tea, what about Christmas in Connecticut, Holiday Inn, or Miracle on 24th Street?

What Mom gifts are topping your list this year?

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