Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Family Fun Night: New Pizzas and Swimming

We've had a pretty fun summer so far.  And despite the typical sibling squabbles, I was a little bummed this week to realize our summer is more than half over.  Back to school sales are starting and before we know it, school will be back in session.  So I'm making as many memories as I can and we're staying busy.  Very busy.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a fun evening planned, which including creating our own pizzas and swimming a the Aquatic Center.  Friday night is traditionally pizza night in our house, either homemade or take and bake.
 photo IMG_0181_zps6784f589.jpg

This night I made our favorite pizza dough and diced up a bunch of different toppings for the kids to make their own combinations.  For them to choose we had:

green onion
artichoke hearts
bell peppers
crumbled bacon

It was so yummy.  And quite a look into my kid's personalities.  One was careful about where every item was place while the other one piled on every ingredient we had out.  Yep, that's my kids.

Afterwards, there was a kick off at the local Aquatic Center for the summer league baseball teams.  Basically the kids go around and listen to presentations about the leagues philosophy, reading program, focus on nutrition, etc.  If they hit each booth, they get a voucher for a free hot dog and drink from the concession stand.  And the pool is open for the rest of the evening.

 photo AC13_zps1cc73e3f.jpg

My kids had a great time, jumping off the diving board, playing on the playground in the pool, climbing the obstacle course, and going down the waterslide.  It's one of the events they look forward to all summer.  And honestly, we've got a great Aquatic Center and would want to take them even if it wasn't for this event.  

So we're staying busy.  Enjoying our summer and looking for new ways to make memories.

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