Wednesday, July 17, 2013

26 Intentional Acts of Kindness #12: Appreciate your Librarian

Hey how did your mission go this week?  Were you able to bless someone with a surprise?  Our lives have been crazy.  CRAZY!  Did I say crazy yet?  My husband and I had a weekend getaway planned a few weeks ago and we both had the flu during some point of that weekend. Then the two older kids went to the lake with Grandma and she got the flu.  To top off this joyfest, our A/C went out on our hottest day of the year.  One hundred seventeen degrees.  That's 117!  Needless to say, we need a do-over on Challenge #11.  But I'm really hoping you had better success than we did.  :-)

Are you ready for a new challenge?

Show your appreciation to the librarian.  I know our librarians put up with a lot.  Lately people have been stealing the CDs out of the cases.  So now they have to file the CDs behind the counter and scan each one individually for patrons, besides how busy the library is for the summer reading program.  Our library has been BUSY lately and these librarians are working extra hard to make it a great place for all of us.  So how can we show our appreciation?  Drop off some cookies, offer to shelve some books, bring some cool snacks on a hot day, offer to help with crowd control during story time... what ideas will you come up with?

Will you join us in an Intentional Act of Kindness?

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