Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Breastfeeding Tips from This Mama of Three

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*The first month will be crazy.

*Nurse as much as you can in the first four weeks.

*If you want to schedule, four weeks in your milk supply will be established.

*Don't be afraid to check with a nurse or La Leche League if you're having trouble with latching on.

*Nurse while laying down in those early days to get some rest.

*Lansinoh is a lifesaver.

*Drink a tall glass of water while you nurse.

*Listen to some relaxing music while you nurse.

*Have a special box of toys for toddlers to play with just when you're nursing.

*Don't be afraid to breastfeed anywhere and everywhere.

*Know that baby will quickly outgrow your cute cover and not want to be covered up.

*Don't quit just because everyone else wants you to.

*No, you won't breastfeed till your child is in high school, but you will breastfeed till you and your baby are ready to quit.  No sooner.

*Pumping isn't fun.  Don't do it unless you have to.

*What you pump is not an accurate gauge of what your child is receiving.

*There will come a day when you can leave the baby and not worry about breastfeeding.

*Surround yourself by other breastfeeding moms for support.

*Know the signs of mastitis, how to treat naturally, and when to call a doctor.

*Know that there's life after mastitis.

*Enjoy your portable meal supply.  It's a time when you don't have to prepare food, spoon feed a baby, or clean up a meal.

*Enjoy these quiet moments that can only be shared between you and this baby.  No one else can do what you're doing right now.

*Trust your instincts.

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