Wednesday, March 13, 2013

26 Intentional Acts of Kindness #5: Hospital Vending Machines

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In our search to be purposeful in loving others, our last assignment was to bless someone monetarily.  Through prayers and lots of keeping my eyes and ears open, I felt the need to reach out to a new mom. She's a first time mom and many of us can remember what it was like in that first year, getting our bearings and trying to figure out who we are in this new role.  So I just wanted to bless her and remind her that she's not alone.  While I was out this past week, I picked up a $5 starbucks gift card and a card congratulating her on her new addition to the family.  We wrote a short message and then popped it in the mail.  I hope it brightened her day.

What about you?  Where you able to bless someone this week?

This next challenge we're busting out and take it to the streets.  During the next two weeks, we're going to the hospital to leave change at the vending machines.  We live in a very small community with a pretty small hospital.  So we're going to leave some change taped to the soda and vending machines.  I think this will be a great opportunity to open up a variety of conversations and I really look forward to doing this with the kids.

Will you join us in an Intentional Act of Kindness this week?

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