Sunday, May 8, 2011

Made by Me Monday

Hey y'all,

How was your weekend?  Did you enjoy your Mother's Day?

We had one super busy day and one more relaxing day.  My husband was gone at a pastor's conference all last week, but thankfully made it home early one Friday so we had lots of Daddy time then settled in for our traditional Family Movie Night on Friday.  I made homemade pizza and popcorn before sitting down to watch Little House on the Prairie.  A relaxing spot in our weekend.

Hubby and I had foster care class all day Saturday so the kids were at a friend's.  Then we picked them up and hustled over to another friend's for dinner and a birthday party.  But the time we got home Saturday, we were ready to drop.

Sunday was full, but still.  After we got home from church, I took a long nap and tried to catch up on some reading.  The kids helped their dad make dinner and we decompressed a little before the week starts all over again.

Despite the crazy week, I do have a project to share with you.  I've been working on this wreath in bits and pieces of time, but it's really very easy and economical.  I'll post a cost breakdown for you later this week.

Our menu this week:
Monday: Kids at a friend's while we're in class
Tuesday: Eggplant Lasagne, green salad, french bread
Wednesday: Taco salad
Thursday: Homemade veggie pizza, green salad
Friday-Saturday: Girl's weekend
Sunday: Leftovers or spaghetti

Other kitchen chores:
Sourdough starter--I neglected mine and have to start over
Pear and berry crisp

Should we get started partying?  Write a blog post highlighting your project with a link back here so that others can join in on the fun.  Then link up below to the blog post itself.  You can post more than one project; just add more than one link.  So let's get started!

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