Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bib Necklace Tutorial

About a year ago, Bib Necklaces started popping up on blogs everywhere.  They became an instant success.  Everywhere I turned, someone was putting their own spin on the Bib Necklace.  Even more so, they were popping up all over the Red Carpet.
(Image Credit: WhoWhatWear)

So finally I decided to give one a try.  They're pretty easy and inexpensive.  Just takes a little practice and  you'll have your own Bib Necklace in no time.

Strips of material 1-1 1/2 in. wide
Coordinating felt
Hot glue
Chain big enough to go over your head
Coordinating buttons/embellishments

1. Fold material strips in half lengthwise.  Knot as close to the end and as flat as possible.
I made mine several different lengths to vary the size of my rosettes.

2. Glue the tip of the knot and start twisting the material into a roll.  This is where my rosettes change.  The first set I just twist the material into a roll.  With the second set, I twisted the tail of the material as I rolled.  These rosettes (the second) came about nicer and flatter.  Back each rosette with a circle of coordinating felt.

3. Cut a crescent of the same felt as a base for your design.  Design your layout and start gluing to felt.  Apply glue to bottom of rosettes and sides where it meets other rosettes.  By glueing them together, you'll gain more stability.

4. Measure chain to make sure chain and design fit over your head.  Glue chain to each end of felt.  Apply a small square of felt on top of chain for more stability.  Make sure it's small enough to hide behind your design. 

5. Embellish with buttons and other embellishments.  You can find some beautiful vintage pieces by just keeping your eyes open.  

So what do you think?  I like it small.  And it turned out a lot better than I had imagined.  Made from items in my craft closet, made in a half hour, and paired with a summer top, I have think I've found a new favorite necklace.

Have you tried making these rosettes yet?  Any tips?

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Amy said...

Thanks for linking up. Those are amazing... Have a great night....

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