Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dayspring Beloved Frame {Review}

When I started the 52 First Dates challenge, I never thought it would grow into a passion.  Dates nights sounded cliche and impossible.  Dating my husband just sounded... corny... after 10 years.

Since then the Lord has spoken to my heart.  Softly at first, steady and louder as time went on.  The need for change in marriages has become a constant heart beat in my life.  One that challenges my own marriage and hopefully spills into the marriages around me.

And while our marriage is far from perfect, it's in the striving that our marriage is beautiful.

If I could reach each of you, one thing I would do is to hold your face, look into your eyes, and speak these words, "Cherish your spouse."

Cherish them.

Make them feel special.

Spend time each day praying for them.

Take a moment to SHOW your love.

Cherish, savor, celebrate.

That's what this Beloved Frame from Dayspring is all about: Celebrating your life and commitment together.

"This is my Beloved and this is my Friend."

At the end of day, I hope my spouse and I can say this about each other.  It's just one of those simple things that catches my eyes in the right moment.  Frustration, anger, small annoyances... all melt in the moment of remembering that he is my beloved.

Modern, sleek, heart felt, and inspiring... I love it!

For this and other beautiful gifts, check out the Dayspring Store.
*Disclaimer: Dayspring provided this frame for me to review.  All opinions are my own.

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