Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's in the Air!

Just some pretty Valentine's photos to send you into the weekend.  Days are busy and quiet moments are few, but I love making each day special for the two little ones in my home.  When your children are small, it doesn't take much to make a day special and I just love bringing a smile to their faces.
I picked up this heart frame at my local Michael's and stole the color inspiration from my daughter's birthday outfit this year.  I love the color combo and the fact that it's a little offbeat.  Plus it's versatile for the whole year and not too Valentines specific.

No mantel in our house, but a big beautiful entertainment center.  So I love decorating it with photos and am in fact still filling it out.  I added our Valentine's candles, some pretty ribbon and marbles, a sweet Love frame from years back, and my favorite "Be Mine" banner from last year.  Honestly this banner is one of my favorites.

This weekend, I'm working on some little packets for the kids that I'll share with you next week.  For our family, Valentine's is just a reminder that we can share our love for each other in little ways.  It's all about remembering that we love as Christ loves.  Makes for some great conversations at the dinner table.

A little chocolate never hurts either.  :-)

How are you focusing on love this season?


Karen said...

so cute! Love that heart frame. So pretty! Happy V-day:)

Amy said...

Oh this is an amazing idea. Thanks for taking the time to link up... Have a great Sunday!

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