Thursday, December 3, 2009

Homemade Christmas #5: Glittered Ornament

I never realized how much of a "bling" girl I was until very recently. Although often found in jeans and a t-shirt, I love my jewelry. It's just that unique little touch that makes outfit "you". And somehow it's not stopping there. I'm into this glitter thing, too. How 80's is that?
A couple of weeks ago, I tackled making Christmas ornaments for my kids. I love the tradition of giving my children a new ornament every year as they grow up. For me, one of the highlights of every Christmas is taking out my own memory ornaments and reliving their Christmases as I put them on the tree. So these were the ornaments I made my kids, little cups of cocoa to commemorate the hot cocoa dates we go on.

And now back to the "bling." This was a very fun little project. I had a "candy" ornament that I painted in pretty girlie colors and then smeared with glitter glue from the Dollar Tree. Quick, easy, and very "blingy." With a fun message on the back and the year and sealed with acrylic sealer (easy to find at Wal-mart).

So just wanted to pass on this fun project. These ceramic ornaments are easy to find at Jo-ann's or any craft store. Just pick up a few colors and some glitter, and get started. What girlfriend wouldn't be proud to add this to her tree!

Submitted to the Monthly Craft Challenge @ Blue Eyed Blessings.


Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

You can't go wrong with glitter!! Great job with the ornament and I love the idea of giving your kids an ornament each year. So precious! Thanks for joining the craft challenge this month!

burlap + blue said...

Love this! So creative and easy to do! Thanks so much for sharing this!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Those are some SUPER cute ornaments! And I was just saying last night...that if you are going to use glitter, now is the time for it:)

Jamie said...

Those are cute ornaments! Thanks for sharing!

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