Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Keeping Track of Baby Socks

This one is really simple, but a lifesaver in my house.

Hearing all the young moms around me talk about loosing baby socks, I knew I need to devise a plan before my son was born.  Then it hit me, the easiest solution.

A lingerie bag...

We store our baby socks in two bags: one dirty, one clean.  When a pair needs to be washed, I just pop them in the dirty bag.  On laundry day, the whole bag goes into the wash.  So they're never in separate loads of laundry or forgotten in the bottom of the washer or mysteriously eaten by the dryer.  They're always right there and ready to use. 

That's what works for me.

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baby socks in lingerie bag

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Mari said...

I love this idea!!

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