Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Teaching Tuesday--Let's Review

After completing "ABC," it seemed like a good time to review the letters we've already been learning.  If you're like me, you may be running out of room on your fridge with those three big letters hanging there.  After this I'll probably move one or two of them on to the wall in my son's room.  But for now, they're still hanging there.

You may find that you're having a hard time "teaching" each letter.  So I did a little research and found a short article that explained 5 steps that most teachers go through in introducing and reviewing the alphabet.

1. Hold up the letter for you child to see.  Again this is continually accomplished by posting it on the refrigerator.
2. Repeat the letter 3-5 times.  Then have your child repeat it after you.
3. Teach the sound of the letter.  "Jimmy, A says Ah or A."  Repeat the sound a couple of times and give an example of a familiar word that starts with that same sound.
4.  Double sided flashcards are great for this.  Review.  "What is this?" "A" "What sound does it make?" "AH for "Apple"  If you don't have double-sided flash cards, you can use household objects.  Visual aids are a great asset.  It makes the lesson very concrete for you child.
5.  Do a final check.  "What is this?" "A" "What sound does it make?" "AH." "What word starts with A?" "Apple" 

Additional suggestions:
Have your child sit at the table and trace the letter with his/her finger.
Print coloring sheets from the internet and have them available for your child at their art area.
Provide material that they can glue onto these coloring sheets: beans, macaroni, cotton, etc.
Again, continue to point out words that start with the three letters we've been learning.  Look for them in books, on signs, when you're talking about your day, in songs, etc.  Just use this week to reinforce what your child has been learning.  It will take time to absorb everything we've been teaching them so be patient.  They are little sponges and are taking things in even when we don't realize it.

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