Friday, March 14, 2008

Just for Mom Friday

Who am I?

Have you ever heard God ask that of you?

Who am I?

I know I have.  Often in the hustle and bustle of picking up toys and making dinner, of changing diapers and being married, I forget that knowing God should effect every part of my life.  Being a Christian is not an isolated part of who I am.  Rather it's the core of who I am.  Or should be. 

So in an attempt to remember who God is in my life, I'm starting a list of "who" God is.

Wonderful Counselor--whether I'm considering buying a new car or how to discipline my child, his counsel is the one I should seek first.

Almighty God--able to move mountains, change circumstances, and move the unswerving will of a two year old.

Prince of Peace--every decision made in line with the will of God will bring peace.  There may still be uncertainty, but there will be peace.

Holy One--willful sin is not permitted in his presence.

Shepard--it's in my own best interest to be guided by Him.

ABBA Father--His guidance is gentle, but firm.

Merciful, Full of Grace, and Just--the paradox of God.  On one hand, demanding justice for the oppressed and the wronged, while offering mercy and grace to those 

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